24K 1100+

You, you have long wanted to run the CMG. Ask yourself if you are capable of doing it. You want to cross the arch of arrival. And you, that you have marked the race in the calendar. What do you do about your natural habitat? That seems to have been running all of life. For all of you, the Trail. A route of 24 kilometers and 1100 meters of positive unevenness that draws an exciting profile. Fun is assured. An up and down constant that crosses such emblematic places as the Mines del Nen Jesús, the Castell de Sant Miquel or the Riera de l'Onorfe.

Start day of the race 15 November 2020

Departure time 10:00h

Place of departure Plaça Sant Domènec

Arrival Place Plaça Sant Domènec

Openning time of closed park 9:30h


Day of Race Bibs hand out on Saturday and Sunday

Timetable of Race Bibs (dissabte) 18:30h a 20:00h

Place of Race Bibs hand out ( (dissabte) Botiga Wala Girona

Timetable of Race Bibs (diumenge) 9:15h a 9:45h

Place of Race Bibs hand out (diumenge) Plaça Sant Domènec

Parking Pavelló Municipal Fontajau 

Parking caravan & van Caravan Area Girona

Wardrobe Plaça Sant Domènec

Showers Devesa Waterpool

Natural Area Gavarres

Landmarks Puig Estela, Puig de Sant Miquel, Mines del Nen Jesús, Riera de l'Onofre

Real Distance 24 Km.

% Single track 70

% Track 20

% Asphalt 10

Positive total gain 1.100 m

Maximum height race 360 m

Minimun height 70 m

Mandatory material: Glass/cup  (We don't use plastic cups for amientals reasons)


Recommended material: Mobile, 2 bottles 500 Cl, Thermal Blanket, Windshields, Buff, Thermal T-shirt.

It is the runner's responsibility to use the recommended material from the organization.


Spare bag (personal) No

Numeber of Aid Stations (on race) 3

Aid Station Ponits

Av1. Collet d'en Pau Birol (Km 6'70)

Av2. Pista St Miquel (Km 12'50)

Av3. Pista Cal Dineret (Km 18'50)


Aid Stations products

Av 1 & Av 2.  Water, pepsi, flectomin, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly. All gluten free

Av 3,  Water, pepsi, flectomin, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, spanish omelette, olives, fuet and quince jelly. All gluten free.

Avituallament meta. Water, pepsi, natural orange juice, orange&lemon gatorade, beer, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly, chips, spanish omelette, olives, fuet.

Individual categories Absolute (Female and Male), Sub23 (Female and Male until 23 years), Master (Female from 40 years and Male from 45 years)

Maximum time to complete the track 6 h

Approximate time first runner 2 h

Record of the race  2 h

Time Barriers (Closing check points)  Si

Av1. Collet d'en Pau Birol (Km 6'70) - 11:40h

Av2. Pista St Miquel (Km 12'50) - 13:10h

Av3. Pista Cal Dineret (Km 18'50)  - 14:40h

Time arrival first runner 12:00h

Time arrival last runner 16:00h

Awards ceremony TRAIL at 13:30h

Track signposted with strips (blue and white Mizuno) and direction signals